A Different Kind of Freedom

My favorite kind of freedom is the one where you don’t care what the society, your friends, your parents, or any one would say about anything that you do or say.

I learn this after 30 years of living.

However, I did say I don’t care but yet I did
I did say I don’t need acceptance, yet I waited for it
I did say I don’t need validation, yet I waited for it

Remind yourself every time that you do not need all of this from the world.

” I do not need acceptance from anyone, I do not need validation from one, I accept and validate myself and my opinions with an open mind to learn as an independent person.”

As it is already hard to remind yourself with all that, be honest with yourself,

Evaluate every situation you find yourself looking to fill a feeling inside of you,
Study the situation and the person in-front of you, and look for:

  • Why were you expecting acceptance/validation from this person specifically? and what does he/she means to you?
  • Where exactly were you excepting acceptance or validation?
  • What are the reasons you were chasing Validation/Acceptance?

Once you see the reasons, or even write them down, you will understand yourself more, then it becomes easier to give yourself the acceptance and validation you were looking for.

You should realize that no one in this world will give you the full acceptance or validation you want, it is ONLY in your hands to give it to yourself.

It is easier said than done, but Practice practice practice.

Then you will be lighter and you will fall in love with yourself, you will walk with an open mind that you and only you owns it, and owns its thoughts and feelings.

If this light anything in your head read Happiness is a Habit.

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