Life changing move to help you Relax and Control anxiety


Even though today we are staying in our house the whole day, we actually end up feeling tremendous amount of emotions by the end of the day

You could feel Energetic, happy, tired, creative, ,gloomy, anxious, bored, upset, lonely, and irritated all in the same day

And this is actually way more than what we are used to, it takes more energy while switching emotions and feelings, and it can over whelm us even more than we already are during this challenging time

When isolation started I used to go to bed so over whelmed and anxious, as we are living in uncertainty, and even though we are in the house the whole day, I end up feeling way too many different emotions through out my day.

Yoga and stretching helped me maintain all my emotions and feelings.

I may have underestimated meditation before, and honestly I do not consider what I am doing is proper meditation, but I have been stretching and developing yoga positions every day for 45 days.

I have watched some videos on YouTube, it started with this 15 Minute body stretch video, and i ended up using “SWEAT” application.

With 2 kids I can only steal 10 minutes in this isolation or even stretch with them around me thinking Im playing tunnel, so I do what I have already learned, if I’m lucky I get to use meditation music on Calm application.

What is important is your breathing, and this video will help you practice your breathing

Today, for the first time, I can say that I have found the one thing that reduces anxiety, and makes me more in control of it.

How it helped:

  • I feel Calm through out the day
  • Practice breathing
  • I do not get irritated easily
  • It prevents me from feeling overwhelmed
  • I became more patient, specially with the kids
  • it helped me to easily ground myself whenever I feel anxious
  • I am more focused on what I want to do through the day and end up feeling productive
  • Surprisingly I get less anxious during my week.
  • I am in control of my own anxiety

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