1 Tip for building Your child’s leadership skills

I know that every one agrees that we need to show our kids that they matter and they need to learn to speak their mind and share their opinions.

And we all agree on the fact that letting them choose what to wear or decide on what food they want to order or which toy to buy, or ask them about their needs help their own personality and independency.

But often we move on with life, we buy things for the house, we decorate, we cook, and our children are growing seeing us doing what we do.

If we include them in most of the house decisions, general decisions that includes everyone in the house, not only they will feel they matter more (from their perspective) but they will belong more in each corner of the house, in every family time, in every day life.

If for example you ask your child where to place a certain vase in the house and go on with his opinion, he will always look at that vase and feel his importance in the house, he will be proud of himself.

So what if we include them in the discussion of where to place the couch, or what color to paint, where to put the throw blanket in the living room, they will be thrilled feeling essential in their own home.

Discuss their interests, or let them plan the weekend, this will truly build leadership skills.

and in return they will care and appreciate more everything in the house, they will care more about their family, and this all develops the whole relationship between parents and children in whole different level, and they will forever own up to their own opinions.

You can always start with small items, and then with time you will include them with bigger discussions and decisions, even if you don’t always go their way, discussions takes you half way there.

I believe this will leave an impact on their lives while they are growing in their home, and they will belong more.
it will also be important for their personalities after they grow up and move out, they will own up to their own opinions and will always use their voice to speak their mind.

My husband includes our 3 years old in details of how he is building his office or lights for the garden, he make sure to show him where pipes are going, or what material he used, then he make sure he show him the end result.
with too many questions of a 3 years old, my husband try to answer with simple words, but children will fascinate you every time with their capacity and how bright and clever they are.

Let us know how you also include your kids with decisions and discussions in your daily life.

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