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Food pages and food Recipes

During this difficult time, most of us are running out of idea’s for breakfasts, lunches and dinners that we need to make every single day, specially when you have kids at home and you want to be healthy yet make it fun for them.

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Here is my almost every day “going to” food pages.

I always visit their Instagram pages first to get inspired, and then go to their websites.

Mrs. Clueless

Honestly, this Lebanese lady is the first page comes to my mind when I start thinking of making lunch,

Her posts are familiar and the recipes are easy, great Lebanese food

She is also a great baker, Go to Mrs.Cluess website and make sure you try her famous Banana bread.

Natashas Kitchen

Ukrainian-American recipes, a bit different of what we are used to, yet with easy to find ingredients, and very delicious

Her videos are fun and easy, you do not want to miss it. check Natashaskitchen Website.

Nadia Tommalieh

This Palestinian beauty cooks with love, not only you can sense it in the pictures, but you can also see it in all the creative posts and ideas

She got Easy Recipes and she also got you covered for Ramadan this year with Arabic sweets and food.

Fufu in the kitchen by Heifa

Easy, Healthy, Arabic and Modern, from Shrimp spaghetti to Mansaf, and from Baklava to Peanut butter cookies,

You will never get enough ideas from this page. you can also get her E-cookbook, Soufrati here

Ghinas Bakings

If you got a sweet tooth, then here is where you will fall in love. everything sweet you could think of,

She is my “looking for something sweet” page, and her Ghinas bakings website will make you want to try everything, it even has a vegan section 😉

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Stay home, and Stay Safe.


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