Gifts for him on Valentine’s Day (or any other day)

It’s always easy to buy gifts for ladies, because women never get enough Jewels, bags, perfumes, shoes, dresses basically anything she fancy..GET IT!

But It’s always hard to buy Gifts for men, because I am no Kylie Jenner, and I will not buy him fast cars and diamond chains.

And because men usually hate shopping, here are some Gifts ideas for your man that he will actually love, find useful, and still timeless.

Key Chains

Most probably he needs a neat one right!, Mont Blanc is really my favorite for men’s gifts and goes with casual and formal. but there are more options like this Coach one HOT!

Luxury Pen’s:

It’s actually very useful and timeless gift, it’s a way of wishing your significant a good luck for work, or if he is starting a new job, and it can be a source of inspiration.

My go to Pen for men is Mont Blanc

and here is another Link in Luxury Closet for more options (including Mont Blanc)

Meisterstück Rose Gold-Coated LeGrand Ballpoint Pen

Cigar and Cigar accessories

Ok now if he is a smoker who wouldn’t like a Cigar, and if he has tons of Cigars already maybe Cigar accessories Like a Lighter, Cigar holder and ashtrays.

MY luxury go to would be Porsche Design, and believe it or not aliexpress has alot of classic and elegant options

Image result for cigar accessories Porch design"









Always think what men wouldn’t really buy for themselves, CUFFLINKS!!

Shop Cufflinks at Farfetch, they have a variety of options, find my picks of hugo Boss and Paul Smith Cufflinks there

Image 1 of Boss Hugo Boss square cufflinksImage 1 of Paul Smith clock cufflinks










More Casual gifts like:

Image 1 of Northskull Nyaka double-wrap bracelet

  • Bracelets
    Leathery Bracelets I would say
  • Couples Massage; Well if you are planning to for a more relaxed Valentine, Go for the Couples Massage
  • Picture frame; Only do this if you have been dating for more than 2 year ;), get small sized frame or a medium one, and get your most fun picture printed.

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