Valentine’s date Idea’s, with No Flowers

We never Celebrated Valentine, but at the end of every Valentine I end up craving that special day treatment after all the love that is spread around the world.

I remember when I had to break the news for Omar that I don’t like flowers, he seemed confused back then, but now I know he was actually relieved that he doesn’t have to buy me flowers for all dates and occasions ever in his life, he still get me Orchids and I love Flowers in Plants (Just don’t give me Flowers to die in my vase)

Whats greater than celebrating love, either on Valentines day or any other day, so here is some Date Idea’s that do not involve any flower’s, Cause I’m not a fan of those!

1. The Classic Date

Get the dress you are saving for the perfect date out from your closet
Book a table for two in a hotel restaurant with a beach
Request some extra candles on the table
Deliver the gift to the restaurant in advance
They can either keep the gift on the table with the candles lit once you arrive, or serve it with the dessert at the end of the dinner

but don’t end your date after dinner, make sure you take your fancy dress for a night walk at the beach, or even in the city after mid night.


2. The Mystery Date

– Tell your date to meet you at a certain place, where they find a note or a letter, to guide to a car that takes them to the restaurant,
– In the car, they find a small gift and note of the reservation name in the restaurant,
Once they arrive to the restaurant, someone will guide them to the reserved table.
– They find a box of chocolate or a cake that says where to go next,
– They go to find you waiting for the perfect Valentine’s kiss in the Perfect place you pick, and then go back to the restaurant and go on with your date.

(You can go crazy with candles path where you will be standing, but I wouldn’t do that)

*Gossip alert; This was actually our first real date except that each one had his own car, There was no candles, and he got me flowers..he still didn’t know 😉


3. No baby-sitter Date:

If you have kids and no baby sitter for the night, wait for the kids to go to sleep, Wear that dress you are saving for the perfect date,
Make-up and hair done nicely,
Order your favorite take out,
Place them nicely on the dinning table in a neat dishware sets,
Phones are off,
Candles are on.

Strong eye contact and keep the talk positive, maybe talk about what you both are grateful for, or what you both have accomplished, keep it lovely, delightful and sexy

cuddle on a movie after dinner, but don’t eat and watch a movie at the same time, give yourself the time to sit and talk over dinner.

4. Fun and Different for the day:

Try a new activity together like Horse Ridding, Ice Skating, or a Dance lesson.
Maybe something more exciting like roller coasters, or Ziplinning.
Get to know about each other’s biggest fears, and bucket lists.
Run, Jump, and laugh a lot

you will definitely feel the hype after the day is over, and this will bring you closer.

Now you tell me whats your dream date, what is your perfect date?


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