Top 5 Baby Must have for new mom’s

The idea itself of being pregnant for the first time is exciting and scary, a new creature will be depending on you, for food, changing his diapers, playing, loving, compassion, sleeping, taking those colic away, you would want to be ready but you don’t know what would work or not so we women end up buying everything.

I honestly ended with lotsa useless stuff, and some purchases were the ultimate help.

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Best most useful baby gear that can be used for the second baby as well 

  1. Changing table:

    in my pregnancy research I read that not all women found the changing table or a changing station useful as you end up changing their diapers everywhere in the house anyways, but I already had back pain in the beginning so we bought this one from Mamas and Papas. Placing it in the bathroom made it extra useful, using it before and after the bath, and we end up changing his diapers there most of the time as the diapers were placed under it.
    It is very practical and the shelves below can fit most baby stuff from baby bathing gear to baby creams and diapers.
    it includes a bath tub but I personally used it after my baby was 1 year old (it is made for new borns, so it became a bit small for him but does the job for a fun bath with few toys).

    For my Second baby, I ordered only another topper from the shop as it was a bit ripped from the side, and I still use it all the time.


2. Stroller:

My Chicco 3 in 1 (Base, Car Seat, and Stroller) called “Chicco Bravo Travel system” works perfectly for a new born if you want to keep him in the car seat and use the car seat in the stroller as well, however it is a bit bulky Stroller but very safe and easy to open and close, you can find it in every Chicco possible and online HERE. and ofcourse in my favorite JustKidding


With my second baby we got the giggles stroller while in Lebanon and I didn’t stop using it since, it’s very light, easy to move, the only thing I don’t like is that you have to buy a separate cup holder, cause with a baby this is probably the only time you get to have a Hot Coffee. I personally got the stroller from Centrepoint



3. Play mat, Play Gym:

Babies need to roll and play around with toys right, specially before they start sitting down, it’s just hard to keep them in one place or even hold all the time, I forgot where I got the first Playmat from, it’s when Karim was a baby, and I got the Blue one after Joud was born from IKEA,  it is honestly more padded but I still use both of them for Joud.


4. Breast-pump:

Not only for working mom’s, every breast feeding mom need to have one obviously, invest in it. Medela is of course the best option for every mom, I used my “pump in style backpack” in both babies, but I might be a fan of the SWING as well.

The In-style comes with cooler bag and ice pack, fits in the backpack, all I needed as a working mom for both babies

Image result for medela backpack"

5. Highchair

we got the most expensive highchair ever, the Bentley in the highchairs world, the back go back and front, the table can be moved closer and back, the chair is very well padded, the chair even has wheels, and there is a place for the baby to set on his feet comfortably and can still be adjusted as per the babies needs…


GET THE IKEA BABY HIGHCHAIR, light and can be moved easily, NOT BULKY, Cheaper, just so easy to clean after every messy meal, let the baby enjoy without you being worried how the food might get in between the chair’s parts. I promise it’s the best, and there are some supporting cushion you can add

IKEA ANTILOP Highchair with tray




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