Not A 2020 Resolution

Usually I have a new year resolution, and it might be surprising but I usually accomplish at least 50% of it, I already have a birthday resolution and this year all I want to focus on is

  • The Present:
    I am an anxious person, and anxious people either they live in the past or the future, this year I want to focus on living in the present, look around me, appreciate, be thankful.
  • Live in the moment
    While I’m in the present I want to live every moment, acknowledge whats happening in the moment rather whats happening next.
  • Look for happiness in moments
    While I’m in that moment, and even if it’s not a happy moment, I can look for the happiness in it, or make a joke about it just like my husband would do, create your own happiness.
  • Count your blessings
    Too cliche but once you count your blessings you appreciate everything around you more, and you will start giving more to the world
  • Love yourself, Love the world
    the normal theory would say the more you give the more you get, but the more you take care of yourself, the more you give yourself the more you will give to the world.
  • Give Love
    This year I want to focus on giving love and only love to my kids, love is not another world for spoiling your kids, love means giving them safety all the time in all situations, allowing them to be who they are in the world, with their mistakes and flaws.

all my points are related to each other, once you start with one the rest will follow.


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