Quick Make-up routine for a busy mom with only 3 Products!!

A mom of 2 boys needs at least 3 hours to get out of the house, putting on some make-up will probably never be the same again with 2 kids, I have tested and tried all make-up routines that would make me look awake and not pale, here are my 3 products

1. Huda Beauty Concealer

I’m aware Huda creates great quality make-up and it is within the normal price range. I tried different formula’s and lines from her lipsticks, eye shadows and even foundation and I must say they were all pretty impressive.
This concealer is the Best of the best concealer’s in the world, it is the king of all concealers, it literally makes magic, I only put so little under my eyes and slide it a bit into my cheeks and voila, I’m not a sleepless mom of 2 anymore and even with an extra little glow, what more do you ask for.


2. M.A.C – Studio Fix

Then I just add a quick M.A.C Studio fix and I look like I have my life put together, it adds the color to my face, and I usually use a little darker color than my skin so I don’t need to use any bronzer or blusher or anything.


3. Too Faced – Better than Sex Mascara (“Better than Love” in the Middle east)

I’m not sure why they still make other mascara’s in the world, they also created the “Damn Girl” Mascara and I’m not even sure why they still making fake lash’s in the world.
“Better than sex” is for every day use, it makes my lash’s longer, darker and with more volume.
I use the “Damn Girl” for my evenings with even longer, darker and more and more volume than the “better than sex” mascara.


Bonus: Huda Beauty – Girlfriend Lipstick

It is the perfect nude shade to start your morning, and it looks effortlessly beautiful, lasts all day.


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