Happiness is a habit.

Some people could literally have it all and yet feel some emptiness inside them, the money, the perfect job, and even a nice life partner does not fill the emptiness inside, and in their own eyes when the inside is empty, the outside will seem as empty no matter how crowded it is.

They say happiness comes from within and you get to decide it, it doesn’t just get there when u reach a certain point in life.

The good and bad will keep on coming, and we will still be looking for happiness

I say we need to look for happiness in moments rather than life, eventually your heart will get used to seeing happiness more, then you’ll feel it more, be pleased more, and you will smile more, or even laugh more.

LAUGH, how good life is with laughter every day, imagine you laughing so hard every day, or at lease some giggles every day, what a beautiful life.

What makes you laugh? and go for it every day..

I honestly always said “I never want to marry a funny guy” and sense of humor was never on my “the perfect man list” and did not understand why “sense of humor” is on everyone’s list for a significant, I always wanted a serious partner where he has no time for goofiness, silliness or meaningless laughs and chuckles, I thought that this kind of person is more “Deep”, little did I know.  Today I cannot imagine my life without Omar’s jokes every day even when we go through our hardest days, Ooh the laughs we had in the hospitals, or during bumpy rides, but my favorite laughs are from the jokes he makes during the hug at the end of every teary conversation.

those laughs keeps me going through the hard days, and some times they minimize crappy situations we get ourselves into. It makes our house a home, and always bring us happiness from within.

So look for happiness in moments.. and if you can’t find it in the moment, create your own happiness.Purpose in life (2) 

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