Whats your purpose? (My midnight thoughts)

I have always believed that everyone in this life has a purpose to exist in life, you don’t always get to choose the purpose itself, and if you have a case that you sponsor in life and make it a purpose this is extra living in my opinion.

A baby could be born with a rare disease then pass away few months after, the parents make it a purpose to spread awareness and maybe then save a life. The baby’s purpose to exist for few months was to save another life.

Some people’s existing could look like they are living with no purpose, but their purpose to exist is to help another human being in need without them knowing whats their actual purpose, and this other human being purpose is to teach someone a lesson, or even a life lesson. Life happens. Some times some people’s purpose is too big like to cure cancer or invent the internet.

Our children are not the purpose in life, they are the life that we live and they also have other purpose’s in life.

Some people know their purpose and they live for it, their goal is to achieve it before they leave and that my friend is living with a purpose.

For me, I honestly don’t know whats my Purpose, Whats yours?


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