How to solve your Hair loss problem

Almost everyone I know face hair loss. it has different reasons, like the water we use to wash our hair, genetics, or giving birth in my case, but the biggest reason I hear of is Stress, and who doesn’t stress! life moves so fast and we are trying to stay in control with all developments and changes around us, and balance all life aspects

In my case, giving birth, breastfeeding, not maintaining a good diet, and postpartum that hit me hard after my first delivery , I started losing my hair like crazy after the first month of giving birth, which made me even more stressed for having one more thing to worry about, it would irritate me so much after every shower, every morning I would see my hair on the floors everywhere I go in the house, I would get emotional every time I see this (like extra emotional with hormones changes)

one day one hair dresser advised me with Kerastase Capsules for hair lose. each day you should take one small bottle and spread it on the scalp, he explained its like vitamins you put it on your hair if its wet or dry every single day, I got the box of 10 pieces only, plus the shampoo and conditioner of the same line. honestly it’s not cheap, but 3 weeks after I was done, I started realizing the hair lose was much less, 3 weeks after that I started seeing baby hairs growing.

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I made sure to start with the Kerastase treatment after my second delivery and got the whole box of 45 bottles in them. Today I can say it worked AGAIN and I’m seeing my hair growing again, I must say I’m maintaining a better diet as well this time.

Find Kerastase Treatment Here, I buy them now from duty free every time I travel


And with Kerastase always make sure to use the Hair Mask instead of the Conditioner every time you shower, it makes wonders.


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