6 Facts About Our Wedding Day

We fell in love so quickly, we both knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted it, regardless of all the circumstances around us. The hardest part of our relationship was the engaged part, none of us faked any feelings, everything was raw and honest, we laughed, cried, yelled, walked out, everything you could ever think of in a relationship happened that year we were engaged, but instead of just fighting we were learning about each-other, analyzing situations, reasons for the situation, empathizing, working on ourselves to be better for eachother, we became the perfect match, because we wanted to be the perfect match despite our differences, and the day we got married was the day we stepped into a totally different world, it’s like we were finally HOME SAFE.

So here’s 5 facts about this day, our wedding day!

1. We always knew where our wedding venue would be, but long story short we had only 3 weeks to plan our actual wedding, and it was our first big project to do together, me and him made a great team.

it was an outdoor venue so Omar designed all wedding elements, I designed my dress and took care of the administrative work of the wedding planning, I made the perfect detailed excel sheet for my planning, and we would go through the budget and more details together. It was a very small wedding, but very beautiful.

2. We booked a suite that goes directly to the wedding venue, so we were supposed to get to the ceremony from there. But the hotel booked us the wrong suite, and we only figured it out last minute, Omar carried me and jumped all barriers so I can get to my dad to start the ceremony.IMG_2288

3. We took private pictures, Omar went out to the venue, the ceremony started, me and dad walks the path, I see Omar and the first thing I say “SHIT I’m wearing the ring on the wrong hand” then I made the switch where no one could see.

First Picture, the ring was on the wrong hand, second picture I was making the switch



4. It took us a lot of time to decide on the wedding thank you gifts for everyone, we wanted the same theme, ordered, handmade things in it, but the person who had the responsibility of bringing to the venue forgot them 🙂

I still have all of them stored somewhere in my house.

5. Unlike Arab weddings we only had 50 guests on our list. Wedding started at 4:30pm and ended around 9:30pm


6. Biggest mistake of the wedding was the photographer, it wasn’t cheap but we were exhausted to dig deeper for a better one, so the company who provided the DJ provided us with photographer as well, The bad picture’s you can see here are the Photographer’s pictures, and those are the best pictures I could fine, it cannot get any worse. and the DJ wasn’t the best either.


Can you see him there taking a picture from the worst angle ever, We were lucky that we had a close friend of ours who is also a professional photographer wanted to take few pictures of us before the wedding as a wedding gift. Those are the only good pictures we have.

If you ever ask for my wedding advice, I would say get the the best PHOTOGRAPHER!!! eventually almost everything will go wrong in the wedding or at least that’s what a stressed bride will see, I tried my best to keep calm all through the wedding preparation even though everything was literally going wrong, makeup artist was late, make up wasn’t nice, hair was late, not what I wanted exactly, wedding suite was wrong..everything, and I was actually calm about all of these.

Also if you ever ask me for wedding advice, I would give you a copy my excel sheet I made.