My therapist asked.. What do you enjoy?

Once my therapist asked me “What do you enjoy doing other than being with your kids, that brings you temporary happiness or enjoyment?” I was speechless I did not know what I enjoyed doing, so she repeated the question with “it can be as simple as enjoying your coffee in the morning or a walk alone”… I was still speechless, am I supposed enjoy those things?

The next day, Omar went to grab coffee on a Friday, it was still summer, humid and awful weather, but he came home to say “you know the place I went to had small Ac’s outside, I sat outside, I sat on a nice couch, I could see the sea from where I was sitting, and the coffee was good” the way he expressed his enjoyment and all the things around him felt nice, but in my reality.. you could barely see the sea, the weather is awful, and I’m not sure how you could have hot coffee outside in this weather, however I smiled and said “that’s nice!” then I realized there might be a hidden enjoyment or happiness in such things if you allow yourself to feel it, I needed to find the things I enjoy.

1. FRENCH, I started with french lessons online, and I couldn’t wait to have my time alone everyday to take another lesson or 2, learning something new everyday gave me some satisfaction.

2. Writing, I have always loved writing since I was a kid, still have all the notebook and poems I wrote ( horrible btw🙈) but I enjoyed it. Today I am writing here.

3. Driving with the windows open.

Usually I get out of a freezing cold office into a humid hot sticky weather, few days ago I stepped out into a nice weather, where I did not have to turn on the car Ac’s and opened my windows instead. The moment I washed my hair off my face, leaned to the window holding my hair, feeling the breeze, with good music…I appreciated this moment, it made me feel “Happy” for a moment


As mom freedom means, kids are safe asleep, A big Bawl of Corn Flakes while watching an episode of FRIENDS or maybe 2, if Im lucky 5!!
Not sure if this is enjoyment or depression but I’m happy to do it

5. Did I mention I like Shopping!!

What do you enjoy doing? What makes you happy?