I AM 30!!

As boring as my life may look, it’s actually way more interesting in my head, and by interesting I mean crazy.

I have always played the role of the “independent” woman among my friends, and I still always dreamed of having my kid’s before I’m 30. I kinda knew kids change your life but in my head I didn’t do the math, nor thought about it much, I really wanted to be a mom, I wanted to raise my kid’s while I’m still young and send them my message even though I’m not really sure what was my message back then, at the same time I always talked about all the big projects I want to do one day. little did I know, I was married by 26, first baby by 27, second by 29 and a half

Me and Omar’s plan was always to have our kids early, raise them while we are still young (so all the activities are with them) and then live the rest of our life together, travelling, or whatever. instead of living and travelling for only a year or 3 without having any kids.

I would always recommend this for more relaxed couples, but if you are a couple who loves adventures, hiking, jumping out of plans, and that kinda stuff, I would say live the adventure when you are young with all the energy, then plan to get those kids

I’m 30 today, married with 2 kid’s, not planning for more. 9 years of events coordination for the same institute (not wedding and birthdays event, more like special events in film festival’s kinda events).

so here is my Resolution:

  • Get a permanent Job, even if you have to start again somewhere. cause one thing I learned this year is that some times a decision can be to take a step back, start over and move on, and you would still find your way to your dreams somehow by walking a different path.
  • Go on a date, with each of the boys at least once a month (including my husband). and this is important for me because I was looking at old picture’s of Karim and realized how much time we spent alone while daddy is at work, or when we even traveled just me and him, this honestly built up our relationship so much, and I really want to have this with Baby Joud. but I also know how hard it could be sometimes when there is already 2 of them!
  • Finish the proposal for my dream project. Even if its not happening any time soon, you never know when it’s the right time to get it out

Other than saving money, I have nothing else I want to do in this year, but I hope those will get my 30’s started

Here’s Message for my 20’s me:

You did not just grow up, You learned all about your anxieties and able to talk about it openly.

you did not just grow up, you learned all about the different personalities that you are and now able to be who you really are.

You did not just grow up, you also learned all about the personalities around you and able to realize them around you and deal with the good and bad.

You did not just grow up, You became who you want to be and not just who you grew to be.

You did not just grow up, you’re learning to believe in yourself, your capabilities and be proud of what you have already done.

I still learn something new every single day, whether it’s from my day to day experiences, or from all the analysis I do, or even from my own children.

I will always be grateful for all the love I have around me and all the support I have from the love of my life and my wonderful kids.



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  1. Way to go!!! I wish all your dreams may come true 💗This year will also be my exact same resolutions as you wrote them officially getting at 41 years old!

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