Top 5 Interior inspiration pages – 2017

All my life I had ZERO experience in Interior Design and it wasn’t actually any of my interest, in fact when I got married to an interior architect I was actually very happy that I will not have to worry much furnishing my own house, I loved his style, and how he pick things, he would always ask for my opinion and what I think, within 3 years I got to understand a lot about interior design and decorating, I developed my own style and always put my touch around my house, I honestly cannot wait to have my dream house and decorate it, those 5 Instagram pages are what gets me inspired.

1. Grillo Designs:

Medina Grillo, This woman is so real, her house looks like Home, she loves wood and she puts it perfectly around her house, she doesn’t add a lot of color, and she always keeps it simple, but she love to put some greens around the house, cause a home without plants is not alive.

She makes amazing DIY stuff and she makes it look so easy for women to use tools.

Instagram: @grilldesigns





2. Swoonworthyblog: 

Kimberly Duran, Her page has exactly what I lack in my house. more femininity, a touch of Pink (not a barbie Pink), lots of Rose Gold, a touch of boho, classiness, colorful.

I’m not a fan of tiger prints but she puts it nicely around her place.

she mix and match textures, prints, and colors perfectly together

Her Kitchen is EVERYTHING and by Kitchen I mean everything in her kitchen as well

Instagram: @Swoonworthyblog




3. Inspire me Home Decore: 

Farah Jmerhi, This woman make things so classy, neat, clean, organized and literally PERFECT.

The Metallic, the silver, the gold, the flowers, cake stands, candles, fur, marble, lights and pendant.

she change the decoration of her house every season, different themes and colors, she plays around the pillows (ooh her Pillows), center pieces, and stuff here and there, she actually has a storage in her house for all the decoration items and pieces she is not using.

She is famous of her weekly cleaning routine on Instastory every Saturday, and when you see it you would probably want to at least live in her pantry!, this woman is organized.

She makes Home Decore Designs, but she also shares where everything in her house is from, and she makes it easy to put things together.

check out her designs.


4. Frannmarrackesh

Ok, so this is not house decore, but this is “Interior Design”. who doesn’t love Moroccan interiors, the walls, the floors, the colors, the fabrics, the windows, the textures, the nature, everything.

this hotel is in Marrakesh will make you want to stay there forever. the colors are so relaxing, the designs makes feel fresh, at home, and relaxed.

who doesn’t want to take a bath in a pink or a blue bathroom. this place only picture can tell what it really is

all I want is to have a real Moroccan bath in there, relax in the pool, meditate with this view

Instagram: @elfennmarrackech


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